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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Home for Gnome? - Part 2

Home for Gnome? - Part 2

From that theory sprang folklore tales that established a mythical society for gnomes. People said that gnomes expressed greetings, farewells and goodnights by rubbing noses. They developed stories that the creatures lived to 400 years, with the male gnomes greying very early in life and indulging in pipe-smoking.

Gnomes were divided by folklore into different types, with the house gnome and the garden gnome being the most represented. People believed that gnomes were a good luck charm, a symbol that the forces of nature were on their side. In parts of Europe, statues of garden gnomes have been, and still are, considered status symbols of success.

So much have gnomes captured the popular imagination, that in July 2003 Australia saw “Take your garden gnome to work” day, and recently the BBC urged listeners to hunt out “gnome-infested” gardens in central England. Although tongue-in-cheek, the BBC’s disclaimer to take no risks because they “believe (gnomes) are still a potential source of harm” carries on the folklore legends.

In addition, several gnome “liberation” groups profess to free the statues from enslavement in gardens across America and Europe.

According to legend, house and garden gnomes help ... more

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